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  • Author: Bruce Peterson

London Tube users are admonished to “mind the gap” at every stop, Aglocell assists mobile operators to "mind the gap" in automation and artificial intelligence (AI). Following a raft of 5G commercial launches in Asia, Europe, and

When deploying 5G, mobile operators aim to reduce time to market by automating the time-consuming and costly tasks of tuning and optimization. They also aim to maximize network deployment ROI by utilizing automated, AI-based solutions like Aglocell’s

It has been over a decade since the concept of Self-Organizing Networks (SON) was introduced by the Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN), and was subsequently standardized by 3GPP along with the Long Term Evolution (LTE) network. However,

Aglocell's 5G/4G AI-based layer management optimization solution optimizes the network performance of the three spectrum layers that are required to provide key capabilities that deliver 5G usage scenarios. Users battling inter-cell interference get stuck in a slow