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We are the first company to use

AI-driven algorithms to increase network performance


The challenge in modern communication networks, like 5G/4G, is managing interference.

Aglocell utilizes AI-based algorithms to detect interference and improve network performance of infill areas between cell sites. These algorithms significantly enhance signal-to-interference plus noise ratio (SINR) in low band frequencies. This improvement leads to higher floor speed throughput.

Infill Maximizer

Algocell's patent pending Infill Maximizer increases SINR to improve cell edge signal quality and speeds.

The Infill Optimizer detects low signal quality areas between 5G/4G sites and makes adjustments to increase SINR. These improvements lead to higher floor speed throughput and reduces low-band exhaustion issues. Excessive interference is a primary factor in reducing overall system efficiency.

Layer Maximizer

Aglocell's patented Layer Maximizer adjusts reselection parameters with massive what if calculations.

Aglocell Layer Maximizer algorithms unlock underutilized mobile capacity by optimizing traffic distribution and inter-frequency handovers. Aglocell creates significant capacity and throughput improvements as well as opportunities for expansion capex savings.

Mobile Network Performance Solutions

Aglocell AI-based algorithms get down to the granular details that cause throughput and network capacity issues and provide changes to maximize network capacity and low end speeds.

Opportunity Verification

Simply provide a day of performance counter, configuration parameters and reference data for a half dozen sites. We will provide an opportunity report to determine if there's an opportunity to get similar results.

Improve your network today.