Open SON Algorithms

Improve network performance with innovative AI-driven algorithms for open 5G/4G optimization platforms.

Aglocell has 20+ AI-based solutions that are integrated, containerized, and ready to rollout

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Patent-Pending Technology

Proven solutions to reduce cost per gigabyte and improve user experience.

We keep people connected.

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Experienced Leadership

We deliver key expertise and support with throughput optimization projects

Our team has a deep background in telecom engineering, finance, and product management.

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Get the speed and capacity

your network is truly capable of.

Packet networks require fine-tuning that utilizes AI-based algorithms to analyze and detect abnormalities that affect network throughput speed and capacity. Aglocell's patent-pending AI-based algorithms detects and resolves the abnormalities that don't aren't resolved using standard use cases.

Our solutions autodetect throughput and capacity issues that slow down the network and reduce capacity that currently require additional infrastructure to solve.
Aglocell founders have been involved in network automation for over ten years and have the expertise needed to fine-tune networks to evolve to 5G networks.



Patent-Pending Algorithms



Potential network TCO savings



Increased DL Throughput



Capacity Increase

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