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Aglocell Acquires BandwidthX

Bruce Peterson December 26, 2023 0 Comments

Aglocell on Friday announced the successful acquisition of the mobile network optimization technologies of BandwidthX. This strategic move will significantly enhance Aglocell’s capabilities and further solidify its position as a key player in the telecommunications industry.

With this acquisition, Aglocell gains access to BandwidthX’s cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions, which will enable Aglocell to deliver even greater value to its customers. BandwidthX has built a reputation for its advanced network optimization algorithms and novel cloud software solutions, providing intelligent and efficient management of wireless connectivity.

The integration of BandwidthX’s expertise and products into Aglocell’s existing portfolio will unlock new possibilities for network optimization, spectrum management, and bandwidth allocation. This acquisition aligns with Aglocell’s long-term vision of delivering seamless connectivity and superior network performance to its customers, enabling them to navigate the ever-increasing demands of the digital age.

Combining the strengths of Aglocell and BandwidthX will accelerate the development of groundbreaking solutions, creating new possibilities for optimizing network performance and addressing the challenges of an increasingly connected world.

Bruce Peterson, CEO of Aglocell

We are thrilled to welcome BandwidthX to the Aglocell family. Their deep knowledge and experience in wireless network optimization will be instrumental in enhancing our capabilities and allowing us to offer unparalleled solutions to our customers. We are excited about the synergies between our companies and the opportunities this acquisition presents for driving innovation and meeting the evolving needs of the telecommunications industry.

Pertti Visuri, Founder and CEO of BandwidthX

BandwidthX is delighted to join forces with Aglocell and embark on this exciting new chapter. The agreement with Aglocell represents a great opportunity for our field-proven solutions to go to market as a part of a larger system that addresses today’s needs of mobile network operators. This will push the boundaries of innovation, delivering unprecedented solutions that will reshape the telecommunications industry and unlock new possibilities for enhanced connectivity and network performance.

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