About Us - Aglocell

We are the first company to

use AI-driven algorithms to increase network performance.

The value proposition of Aglocell is focused on both reducing costs and improving performance for wireless carriers. A major part of this strategy involves their acquisition of BandwidthX, which brought significant investments in software
applications. In 2023, Aglocell impressively increased the utilization headroom of the most utilized frequency band of a leading US wireless carrier by19%, demonstrating their ability to replace costly radio access hardware with more affordable software solutions.

In addition to cost savings, Aglocell is also making strides in improving 5th percentile speeds – a key measure for ensuring reliable and
consistently fast enough user experiences. They achieved an 18% increase in the low band cell edge speeds, which mainly improved 5th percentile speeds, for the same US carrier.

Strategically, Aglocell is committed to providing advanced software applications that not only lower
operational expenses for wireless carriers but also boost network performance. This dual focus is crucial in guiding Aglocell towards revenue growth and enhancing shareholder value.



AI-Driven Algorithms



Loaded Band Utilization Improvement



Increase Floor Speed Cells Throughput



SINR (Signal-to-Interference plus Noise) Increase

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